Campus Resources

  • Animation Studio
    Webtoon Studio
    Game Studio

    Chungkang Creative Research Center (CCRC) consists of production studios that allow a combination of education and practical work. The center is a state-of-the-art facility where more than 550 professors, researchers, and students immerse themselves in creative work in collaboration with outside experts. The center comprises three studios (manhwa, animations, and games), where commercial content such as animated films, stereoscopic videos, mobile games, VR games, sensory games, webtoons, and mobile cartoons (or comics) are produced through cooperation between the academic and industrial sectors.

  • ‘Soom’ Workshop Studio

    This studio is used for all practical classes run by the Theatrical Design and Technology Department, including stage design, drawing, lighting, sound, set and stage costume production, and make-up. Equipped with hightech facilities, it also serves as a space for advanced technical training such as stage automation, animatronics and special makeup.

  • 보건실

    This space for sports and large-scale school events is permanently open to students for fitness training. The Game Test & Operation Service Center and Business Incubation Center are located at the basement level.

Campus Map

    1. 1College Entrance
    2. 2School Bus Platform
    3. 3Athletic Ground
    4. 4 ChangJack Maeul (School of Animation, Creative Village)
    1. 5 Eduplex(Gymnasium)
    2. 6 ChungKang Haksa(Dormitory)
    3. 7 ChungKang Hall(Main Office Building)
    4. 8 Huyujae Gwan(School of Game, School of Manhwa Content, School of Mobile Information Technology)
    1. 9 ChungHyun Garden
    2. 10 InganSarang-Gwan(Early Childhood Education)
    3. 11 Uhwoolim Gwan(School of Fashion Maker&Style, Student Hall)
    4. 12 GongJak-So(School of Musical&Theatre, Soom(Theatre Workshop Studio))
    1. 13 AhRam-Gwan(IT Training Center)
    2. 14 Musical Theatre
    3. 15 MunhwaSarang-Gwan(School of Culinary Arts)
    4. 16 ChungHyunJae(Korean Traditional House)