School of Culinary Arts


3 years

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall
(Liberal Arts)

Emotion Coaching Movement

Food Drawing

Food Professionalism

Communication for Food Professionals

Essence of English for Food Industry

Essence of English for Food Industry

Exploration of the Vision Movement

Global Food Culture

Eco Gastronomy

Food Reading Methods

CK Food Career Program

The History of Taste

Major All

Introduction to Cooking in Korea

Introduction to Bakery

Food Hygiene

Farm Food Trip

Exploration of the Field of Food Media

Work ExperienceⅠ (Winter)

Introduction to Western Cooking

Introduction to Pastry

Food Science

Nutrition and Health

Farm Food Business

Modeling of Food Content

Work ExperienceⅡ (Summer)

Work ExperienceⅡ (Winter)

Work ExperienceⅢ-Ⅰ

Work ExperienceⅢ (Summer)

Brand Class (Marriott)

Brand Class
(CJ Foodville)

Brand Class (Lamjung)

Brand Class (Cafe Bakery)

Work ExperienceⅢ-Ⅱ

Work ExperienceⅢ (Winter)

Cooking Required

Chef Incubator

Restaurant OJT


Production Kitchen – Cold Kitchen

Dining Service

Korean Kitchen

Introduction to Food Materials

Production Kitchen – Hot Kitchen

Menu Development Projects

English for CookingⅠ – Understanding

Dessert Kitchen

Cooking Principles

Chinese Kitchen

Japanese Kitchen

Korean Dessert Kitchen

Food Service Industry & Accounting

English for CookingⅠ – Communication

Food Styling & Package

Food Plating

Wine Mariage & Beverage

Meat Meister

English for Global EmploymentⅠ

Digital Image Utilization

Food Startup Project

English for Gloabl EmploymentⅡ

Dessert Plating

Food Product Marketing

Food & Nutrition Elective

Advanced Nutrition

Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle

Food Chemistry

Food Processing

Food Microbiology

Experiment of Slow Food Fermentation

Practices in Traditional Korean Food

Diet Therapy

Quantity Food Service Management

Laws and Regulations in Food Industry

Food Service Management


Experiment of Food Hygiene

Quantity Food Preparation Practice


Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition Education

Food Analysis

Public Health

HACCP – Theory and Practice

Field Experience in Dietetics (Summer)

Special Theory of Nutrition

Special Theory of Advanced Food Science

Special Theory of Diet Therapy

Special Theory of Quantity Food Service Management

Environmental Sanitation

Field Experience in Dietetics (Winter)

Cafe Bakery Elective

Bakery Factory

Pastry Factory

Dessert Techniques for Cafe

Coffee Brewing Practice

Understanding of Cafe Bakery Industry

Cocktail Styling

English for Cafe & BakeryⅠ – Understanding

Eco Bread Factory

Chocolate Factory

Cake Design

Barista Practice

Cafe Promotion

English for Cafe & BakeryⅡ – Communication

Bakery Menu Development

Cafe Menu Practice

Coffee Roasting

Cafe Bakery Work Experience (Block)

English for Global EmploymentⅠ

Cafe Bakery Business Startup

Latte Art Technique

Dessert Plating

English for Global EmploymentⅡ

Cafe Bakery Social Media Marketing

Farm- Food- Business Elective

Taste OdysseyⅠ

Vegetables/ Grains Cooking Research

Slow Food ManufacturingⅠ

Understanding of Food Ingredients

Digital Imagery Utilization

Taste OdysseyⅡ

Package Design

Slow Food ManufacturingⅡ

Meat/ Fish Cooking Research

Food Humanities

Farm to Table OJTⅠ

Product Development

HMR Menu Development

Product Branding

Farm to Table OJTⅡ

Food Manufacturing

Global Food Startup WorkshopⅠ

Development of Medical Food

Product Marketing

Farm Party Planning

Functional Foods

Global Food Startup WorkshopⅡ

Food Content Elective

Culinary Skills and Insights

English for Food ContentⅠ

Understanding of Food Content Markets

Food Content Digital Image Studio

Understanding of Styling Techniques

Slow Food ManufacturingⅠ

English for Food ContentⅡ

Planning & Practice of Food Content Production

Styling Workshop

Food Video Recording & Editing

Slow Food ManufacturingⅡ

Farm Party Planning

Food Content Media Seminar

Branding & Package Studio

Global Food Startup WorkshopⅠ

Teampreneurship ProjectⅠ

HMR Menu Development

Food Content Creation Studio

Development of Medical Food

Global Food Startup WorkshopⅡ

Teampreneurship ProjectⅡ