Hello and welcome to Chungkang University of Culture and Industry.

Even in the midst of the education crisis, where rapid changes in the cultural content creation environment are accelerating, such as the development of artificial intelligence and the decline of the school-age population, Chungkang has become a center for cultural content creation education that the world wants to learn from.

Now, our university intends to spread Chungkang education by crossing boundaries. Crossing academic boundaries, cultural boundaries, industry boundaries, and the world. Become an irreplaceable alchemist of cultural content education for everyone.

A place where we open and share all the content we have, but where exceptional creators are always born, that’s Chungkang.

Together with our proud students, alumni, parents, and colleagues at Chungkang University of Culture and Industry we will build a new future for Chungkang, where we will be all things to all people in cultural content education.

Sung-Shin Choi

Chungkang College of Cultural Industries