School of Fashion Makers & Style


3 years

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall
Core Course

Self-Development for Fashion Communication

Self Image MakingⅠ

Fashion Diary

Fashion English Conversation for Beginners

Fashion English Conversation for Intermediates

Self Image MakingⅡ

Self-Development for Fashion Career

Fashion English through Contents

Korean Costumes

Fashion Chinese Conversation for Beginners

Fashion Chinese Conversation for Intermediates

OPIC for Fashion Job

Global Fashion Job Interview for Self-Development

Fashion Employment & Establishing Fashion BusinessⅠ

Fashion Employment & Establishing Fashion BusinessⅡ

Major Required Fashion Insight

Fashion Handmade

Fashion Drawing

Modern Fashion History

Basic Pattern Drafting & Sewing Technic

History of Western Fashion & Culture

Fashion Color and Materials

Fashion Trend

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Objects Quest

Advanced Pattern Drafting & Sewing Technic

Item Development Project

Beauty Styling

How to Styling

Digital Fashion

Fashion Photo

Fashion Merchandising

Make up & Hair Styling

Digital Fashion

Application of Pattern & Sewing Technic

Capsule Collection Project

Fashion Editing

Story Styling Project


Shop Styling

Fashion Business

Merchandising Project

Designing Project

Styling Project

Fashion Material Planning

Personal Image Consulting

Work Experience(Summer)

Work Experience

Work Experience(Semester)

Marketing Collaboration

Design Collaboration

Styling Collaboration

Fashion Design Master

Fashion Merchandising Master

Colorlist Master

Work Experience(Winter)

Work Experience

Work Experience(Semester)