We produce learners who can put forth completely unexpected and creative solutions rather than defined answers. The role of finding the correct answers has now been turned over to artificial intelligence.
‘Unique education’ and ‘unique talents’, to which Chungkang has consistently committed itself, have now become a universal educational philosophy of our society.

Chungkang has always led reforms one step ahead of others. However, today’s rapidly changing educational environment is demanding the destructive innovation that denies the entire state of college education.
We do not hesitate to change, nor do we try to sneak onto the train of change free gratis. We have the courage to lead change at the forefront.

We will do our utmost in hopes of instilling “Chungangers” with drive to change the world, the courage to take responsibility, the insight to find out the ‘difference’, and the gentleness to embrace others.

Soo-Hyung Lee, Ph.D.

Chairperson of the Board
Chungkang College of Cultural Industries