3 years

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall
Core Course

Practice for Building Creative Ideas

Logical Thinking

Practice for Building Creative Ideas

Logical Thinking

CK Program for Job ApplicantsⅠ

CK Program for Job ApplicantsⅡ

Major Required

Introduction to Game Design

Introduction to Game Graphic

Introduction to Game Programming

Introduction to Game Operation & QA

Project for App Game Development(Capstone Design)

GameProject(Capstone Design)

Interpersonal Communication Skills for Project

Problem Solving Skills for Project

Technical Study for Game Project


Introduction to Game Analysis

Media & Storytelling

Introduction to Classic Games

Game Concept Design

Basic 3D Max


The Basic of Drawing

Figure Sculpting – Head

Fundamentals of Game Programming

Practice of Game Programming

Introduction to game industry

Board Game Operation

Game Structure Analysis

Game System Design

Game Design Case Study

Game UI/UX Design

Game Design Materials

Game Storytelling

3D Character Modeling & Mapping

3D Background Modelling & Mapping

An Introduction to 3D Game Animation

An Introduction to 2D Game Graphic

Digital Painting

Game Background Design

Object & Landscape Drawing

Human Drawing

Figure Sculpting – Body

Introduction to App Game Development

Object Oriented Programming

Windows Programming

Data Structures for Game Programming

Introduction to Game Network

Game Operation

Game Test

Board Game Design

Basic of Game Sound

Game Design Proposal

Game Design for Various Devices

Game Story Board

Game Project Management

Game Data Design

Myth and Game Storytelling

3D Game Character Design

3D Game Object Design

3D Game Character Setting & Animation

2D Game Graphic Design

Introduction to Interface

Painting Technique

Game Character Design

Gesture Drawing

3D Camera, Lighting & Rendering

Understanding of Programming Language

Game Graphic Programming

Game Algorithms

Game Network Programming

Game Database

Game Web Site Operation

Game Test Tool Programming

Game Marketing

Game Music and Sound Effect

Game Design and Script

Game Design for Genre

Game A.I Design

Project for Game Prototype

Game Storytelling & Game Scenario

Game Level Design

Design of Advanced 3D Game Character

3D Game Background Design

3D Game Animation Analysis & Production

Applied Acting & Motion Capture

Game GUI

Design of Game Visual Effect

Game Illustration

Creature Design


Introduction to Game Graphic Engine

Practice of Game Engine

Game Artificial Intelligence

Online Game Programming

Software Engineering

Practice of Game Test Tool

Mathematics & Physics for Game Programming

Game Test Case Writing

Design and Operation of Game Competition

Software Testing

Analysis of Game Characteristics

Composing of Game Music

Work Experience(Summer)

Work Experience

Modeling & Mapping


Terrain Design

Practice of Game Graphic EngineⅠ



Project Illustration

Practice of Game Graphic EngineⅡ

Review & Practice of Game Engine

Shader Programming

Field Study for Game Design

Game QA Schedule Management

Producing of Game Sound

Utilization of Game Sound

Work Experience(Winter)

Work Experience(Semester)

Game Design Portfilio

Game Balance and Simulation

Game Business Model

Seminar for Game Design

3D Game Graphics Directing

3D Game Animation & Directing

2D Game Graphics Directing

Production of Game Movie & Editing

Game Illustration Directing

Advanced Game Graphic Engine

Game Programming Portfolio

Game Programming Optimization

Game Operating System

System Programming

Practice of Application Development

Game Master Practical Affairs

Game Test Practical Affairs

Arrange of Game Music