School of Fashion & Beauty Style

3-year program | 60 persons

The School of Fashion & Beauty Style school is a place that fosters outstanding Creative Directors who create new values through innovative thinking. The Chungkang Stylist Major allows you to choose a career path by experiencing and learning subdivided job fields through a convergence curriculum consisting of three courses: Fashion Stylist, Beauty Creator, and Fashion Brand Startup.

We develop students’ talents so that they are able to produce fashion objects and visual styles in accordance with the new needs of fashion markets and the latest consumer lifestyles. We run a project-based curriculum to cultivate stylists who produce fashion visuals.
Through this practical education, students learn to produce various creative fashion products ranging from handmade to high-tech items and collaborate projects with K-pop stylists. They can debut as a stylist who can work in various fields such as stage costume styling, Idol concerts, and Fashion Magazines.

To meet the demands of today’s social media environment, we are training our students to equip them with comprehensive abilities to both plan and distribute fashion content. Students learn practical processes, acquire related certifications, and become more competitive in the domestic and global job markets through design critiques from industry experts, one-to-one mentoring, and onsite training.

Sororal relationships with Marangoni (Italy), Japan College of Culture, UEDA College of Fashion (Osaka), and Shanghai College of Art enable students to receive global-standard education, while overseas internship programs increase opportunities for employment abroad.

1-year program for B.A. degree | 16 persons

Students may enter the 1-year intensive program for a bachelor’s degree after completion of the 3-year college coursework. The program consists of subjects in, fashion, beauty, and brand startup. The program requires the presentation of a project for a B.A. degree.