Chungkang opened in 1996 as Korea’s first college to focus primarily on the cultural industries. Since then, it has turned out highly qualified individuals thanks to a unique educational infrastructure, incorporating practical curriculums, studio-based creative production, practical project courses, overseas internship programs, and interdisciplinary, convergence-based education.
Seven specialized schools – of Convergence Content, Animation, Manhwa (comics & cartoons, web-novels), Game, Culinary Arts, Fashion & Beauty Style and Performing Arts – deliver Chungkang’s unique programs for cultivating outstanding talent to lead the cultural industries.
Chungkang is proud to be a center of human resource development for the domestic and global culture industries alike, through a combination of on-site and convergence-based education.

Established in 1996
Founder’s Philosophy Love for nature, love for human beings, love for culture
Vision Leading College for Cultural Contents
Total Enrollment 3,448 (as of Aug.2023)
Administrative Units Academic Departments : 7 Schools / 5 Departments for B.A. degrees
Education System 3-year programs for associate degrees,
5 advanced major programs for B.A. degrees