School of Musical & Theatre


3 years

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall
Common Core Course

Vision & JobⅠ

Basic a Major

Technology & History of Musical Theatre

Vision & JobⅡ

Script Analysis

Text Analysis

Understand of Musical Theater

History of Philosophy

Text Critic

The History of Western Theatre


Work Experience (Winter)

Work Experience (Semester)

Work Experience (Summer)

Work Experience (Semester)

Work Experience (Winter)

Work Experience (Semester)

Work Experience (Summer)

Work Experience (Semester)

Work Experience (Winter)

Musical Theatre Required

Production Workshop

Stage Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design Required

Set, Light & Sound Design Workshop

Musical Theatre Elective

Basic for Acting


Basic Music Theory

Basic of Acting

Voice of SpeechⅠ (tension and relaxation)


Study for Vocal Mechanism

Performance Production Training

Ballet LevelⅠ (Basic)

Jazz Dance LevelⅠ (Basic)


Ballet Level Ⅱ (Advanced Work)

Voice for Speech

Basic of Movement

Belcanto Ⅱ


Voice of Speech Ⅱ

Weekly RecitalⅠ

Jazz Dance LevelⅡ (Advanced Basic)

The Modern Theatre : Realism




Ballet LevelⅢ (Combination)

Weekly RecitalⅡ

Modern Singing TechniquesⅠ

Study for the Vocal Quality (Belting&Twang)

Jazz Dance LevelⅢ (Combination)

Building a Character

Mime Ⅰ

Modern Dance

Voice of SpeechⅢ

Singing Ⅰ



Creating a Scene

Production Practice

Weekly RecitalⅢ

Acting for Style

Modern Singing TechniquesⅡ

Study for the Vocal QualityⅡ (Advanced Works)

Voice of SpeechⅣ

Ballet Choreography (Buildup of Expressive Ability)

Jazz Dance Lyrical & Modern (Buildup of Expressive Ability)






Weekly RecitalⅣ

Acting for MusicalⅠ

Singing for Musical TheatreⅠ

Musical DanceⅠ (Repertoire)

Vocal Seminar

Acting for CameraⅠ

Acting TechniquesⅠ

Creative MovementⅠ

Film Making and EditingⅠ

Singing with a CharacterⅠ



Web Drama Making

Acting for Musical TheatreⅡ

Singing for Musical TheatreⅡ

Musical DanceⅡ (Repertoire)

Practice for the Audition

Acting for CameraⅡ

Acting for StyleⅡ

Film Making and EditingⅡ

Creative MovementⅡ

Singing with a CharacterⅡ

Stage, Lighting, Sound Design Elective

Introduction to Hand Drawing

Introduction to Drawing

3D Drawing

Understanding of Media Design

Introduction to Stage Management



Production MeetingⅠ

Computer Aided Drawing

Stage Management-Practice

Experimental Theatre ProjectⅠ

Experimental Theatre ProjectⅡ

Production MeetingⅡ

Workshops for Scenery, Lighting, Sound

Understanding of Media Design



Production MeetingⅢ

Applicate ProjectⅠ

Graduation Work Performance

Graduation Work Performance

Production MeetingⅣ

Media Design in Stage ProjectⅡ

Applicate ProjectⅡ

Playwriting Production Elective

Creation & Expression

Introduction to Direction


Text Analysis for a Director

Character Creation

Production TrainingⅠ

Production TrainingⅡ

Scene Writing

Concept and Structure for the Performance

The Theory of Performance Planning Management

60-Minute Directing Project

Writing Lyrics

Performance Planning Management

90-Minute Directing Project

Musical Writing

Stage Design Elective

Thoughts and Images

Use to Tools in Scene Shop

View & Space

2D Scenery (Stock Scenery)

Basic Techniques of Scenic Painting

Text & Images

3D Scenery (Scenery Construction)

Stage Rigging

Scenic Painting

Dramatical Space Analysis

Technical Design

Stage Props

Stage Design

Stage Design Project

Lighting Design Elective

Light & Shadow

Introduction to Stage Lighting – Light & Scene –

Light & Time

Lighting Design & Technique

Light Consol Programing

Lighting DesignⅠ

Light Consol Simulation

Lighting DesignⅡ

Sound Design Elective

Understanding of Music

Sound and Space

Text and Sound

Sound and Sculpture

Theater Sound

Digital Sound TechniqueⅠ

Sound Design

Digital Sound TechniqueⅡ

Sound Design Project

Department of Performing Arts

4st year
Spring Fall
Department of Performing Arts Elective

Production StudioⅠ

Production StudioⅠ

Production WorkshopⅠ

D.A.D. Future Research Workshop

To Advance the Field WorkshopⅠ

Stage Design StudioⅠ

Stage Sound Design StudioⅠ

Stage Lighting Design StudioⅠ

Production MeetingⅠ

Visual Design Project

Philosophy of Art

Musical History and Theory – Centered Thinking

EPIC Creative StudioⅠ

Directed by StudioⅠ

Vocal StudioⅠ

Musical Method StudioⅠ

Musical Dance StudioⅠ – Representing Small Analyzed the Musical Centered on Choreography –

The Musical ActingⅠ

Work Experience

Production StudioⅡ

Production StudioⅡ

Production WorkshopⅡ

To Advance the Field WorkshopⅡ

Stage Design StudioⅡ

Stage Sound Design StudioⅡ

Stage Lighting Design StudioⅡ

Design Fusion Studio

Performance and Convergence

Production Meeting II

Popular Culture and Art Theory

EPIC Creative StudioⅡ

Directed by StudioⅡ

Vocal StudioⅡ

Musical Method StudioⅡ

Musical Dance StudioⅡ – Creative Scene Creation Process –

The Musical ActingⅡ

Work Experience (Semester)