School of Convergence


3 years

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall
Major requirements Major Skill Critic 1 Major Skill Critic 2 Major Skill Critic 3 Convergence Critic 1 Convergence Critic 2
Contents Design 1 Convergence Project for Career 1 (Capstone Design) Convergence Project for Career 2 (Capstone Design)
Realtime Engine 1 Realtime Engine 2 Project problem solving 1 Project problem solving 2
Visual Storytelling Convergence Project 1 Convergence Project 2
Major selection Concept Design Documentation Contents Design 2 Contents Design 3
Creator's Creative Ideation Successful Project Collaboration Content Psychology
New media Content Interactive Content Realtime Engine Lighting 1 Realtime Engine Lighting 2 Realtime Engine Lighting 3
Human Figure Drawing Character Drawing Character Design
Storyboard and Layout Rigging 1 Rigging 2
Character Animation 1 Character Animation 2 Character Animation 3
Modeling 1 Modeling 2 Modeling 3
Character Development Look Development Motion Capture
Contents Programming Contents Programming XR Contents Production 1 XR Contents Production 2
Sound Sound
Production Management Content Business 1 Content Business 2