Dept. of Early Childhood Education


3 years

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall
Core Course

Teachers Disposition and Leadership

Teachers Disposition and LeadershipⅡ

Introduction to Color Theory

Teachers Disposition and LeadershipⅢ

Teachers Disposition and LeadershipⅣ

Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Children’s Language Education

Traditional Early Childhood Education

Safty Management for Children

Science Education for Children

Mathematic Education for Children

Educational Curriculum for Children

Social Education for Children

Logic & Essay

Studies for Educational Materials & Method

Theory of Teaching Subjects

Children Development

Child Welfare

Creative Movement

Guidance for Children’s Play

Children’s Art

Music Education for Children

Infant Development

Parent Education

Educare for Childhood

Nursing for Children

Teching Methodology for Children

Educare Curriculum

Guidance for Children’s Living Life Service

Practice for Educare Center

Child Obsevation & Behavior Study

Theory of Daycare Teacher

Data Processing EducationⅠ

Data Processing EducationⅡ

Children’s Literature

Piano AccompanimentⅠ

Pysical Activity & Recreation

Piano AccompanimentⅡ

Piano AccompanimentⅢ

Forest Experience for Children

Traditional Instrument Accompaniment

Piano AccompanimentⅣ


Introduction to Education

Educational Psychology

Educational Methods and Technology

Educational Evaluation

Educational Sociology

Educational Management & Administration

The Prevention of School Violence and Understand Students

Understanding Special Children

Practical Affairs of Teaching Field

Volunteer Activities for Educational InstitutionsⅠ

Practice in Kindergarden

Volunteer Activities for Educational InstitutionsⅡ

Educational Philosophy & History