School of Mobile IT


1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall
Core Course

Basic English

Basic Japanese

Basic Chinese

Culture Cords in the Films

Duty Research

Music for Smart MediaⅠ

Financial Planning in My Life




Music for Smart MediaⅡ




Presentation Skills for Smart Media Developer

Leadership for Mobile Expert

Entrepreneurship of Mobile Enterprise

Job Coaching

Major (2years) Elective

Introduction to Information and Telecommunications

Fundamentals of Information Technology System

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Mobile Communications

Application of Programming

Fundamentals of App Testing

Introduction to Mobile Processor

Wi-Fi Networks

Work Experience(Summer)

Work Experience(Semester)

Work Experience(Winter)

Work Experience(Semester)


Fundamentals of Electronic Circuits

Fundamentals of Digital Engineering

Introduction to Radio Communications

Fundamentals of Contents Delivery Network/p>

Mathematics for Communication

Computer Aided Design

Application of Electronic Circuits

Application of Digital Engineering

Contents Delivery Network Design

Fundamentals of Digital Communications

Fundamentals of RF System

Fundamentals of Mobile Communication Engineering

Fundamentals of Radio Propagation Analysis

Application of Mobile Processor

Application of RF System

Application of Digital Communications

Application of Mobile Communication Engineering

Application of Radio Propagation Analysis

Major (3years) Required

IoT ProjectsⅠ


Basics of ICT Contents

Understanding of Making Smart Contents

Basic of Contents Server

Introduction to IoT

Introduction to Media Security

Cultural Contents Planing

Basic of Media Representation

Basic of Making Smart Contents

Basic of Contents Delivery Network

Application of Contents Server

Introduction to Smart Media Programming

Web Programming

Service Planning

Application of Media Representation

Data Structure and Algorithm

Application of Smart Media Programming

App Analysis Understanding

Contents Delivery Network Design

Application of Media Representation

UI/UX Design

Moving Character Production

Contents Delivery Network Implementation

Mobile Programming

Contents App Testing Basic

Smart contents using Sensors

Project Management & Methodology

Contents Data Management

Contents Server Management

Mobile App Production

Security of Contents Server and APP Program

Work Experience(Summer)

Work Experience(Semester)

Application of Contents App Testing

Drone and Wearable device

Study of IoT Services Case

Contents Delivery Network Operation

IoT ProjectsⅡ

Work Experience(Winter)

Work Experience(Semester)